Chinese Resource Library

Below is our list of curated resources for learning Mandarin Chinese. The resources below were used extensively by either Casey or another member of the team for improving their Chinese fluency. The below links are affiliate links, meaning we’ll get a small kick back if you decide to purchase the product. We are only affiliated with high-quality products which we have used and vetted ourselves!

Online Courses/Teachers

Learn Mandarin with Glossika Chinese audio training

Chinese Zero to Hero

If you’re looking for professional quality, affordable, online courses for passing any level of the HSK exam or just improving your Chinese, then look no further than Chinese Zero to Hero!

Learn Chinese with a native speaker on iTalki


iTalki solves the problem of finding qualified, native-speaking Mandarin Chinese teachers/tutors. On iTalki you can find a language teacher to give you personalized lessons over Skype for a very reasonable fee! Find your perfect tutor today and learn Mandarin Chinese.

Helpful Materials

Learn Mandarin with Chinese class 101

Chinese Mastery e-Book

This e-book serves as a guide to learning and mastering the Chinese language. Written from research and experience gathered over three years, this e-book is guaranteed to help you make serious progress in the language.

In this guide, we present the reader with practical tips, methods and resources for achieving proficiency in a relatively short space of time.

Learn Mandarin with Glossika Chinese audio training

Glossika Chinese

Glossika has created an amazing language learning method, based on audio training, allowing you to learn Mandarin ‘the natural way’. Glossika provides an intelligent online learning platform which adjusts to your level. You can also select the topics that you want to learn about – thereby having the freedom to customize your own learning experience. Click here to check out my in-depth review. Glossika also offers a free demo, so why not try it out?

Learn Mandarin with Chinese class 101

Chinese Class 101

Chinese class 101 provides a range of valuable resources for serious learners of Mandarin Chinese. This includes hundreds of audio and video lessons, flashcards and other vocabulary learning tools, PDF lesson notes, and a vibrant community forum! What are you waiting for? You can learn Mandarin with Chinese Class 101 now!

Improve your Chinese listening with Conversations

Chinese Conversations

Have you ever felt frustrated listening to native speakers of Chinese speak at 100 miles an hour? I know I have. That’s why ‘Conversations’ is so brilliant. Developed by Polyglot and language expert Olly Richards, ‘Conversations’ will help you to rapidly improve your listening skills and understanding of Mandarin Chinese in less than 90 days! 

Read and listen to Chinese with Lingq


Lingq was created by Steve Kaufman, a well-known polyglot on the web. Lingq boasts a massive library of audio material for Mandarin Chinese which all include matching transcripts. Lingq gives you the ability to save new words, review them, track your known words count and interact with a global community of language learning enthusiasts.

FREE Resources

The resources below were created by our team and are absolutely free for you to download. Enjoy 😉

Chinese Words and Phrases

We wrote this Chinese phrasebook with beginners in mind. In this book, you’ll learn critical words, phrases and grammar structures.

From ordering your morning Starbucks to asking for directions, we’ve included everything you would need on a trip to China.

Full HSK3 Anki Deck

This deck contains all of the vocabulary and characters you’ll need for the HSK3 exam. Even if you’re not planning to take the HSK, this deck is perfect for boosting your vocabulary and language knowledge.

Good for beginner-low intermediate learners. This deck contains characters, pinyin, English translations, audio AND images!

Chinese Survival Kit

This Chinese survival kit will give you all of the words and phrases you need to survive your first few weeks in China! Aimed at beginners with little to no knowledge of Chinese.

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