Teaching English in China is a very popular thing to do nowadays!

Lot’s of people want to travel to China and use teaching as a way to sustain themselves. However, what’s the best way to actually find a teaching job? I answer that question in the following video!

There are different ways you can go about finding a job as an English teacher in China and in this video I’m going to outline the 3 main ways.

(If you want more information on teaching in China without a degree, read this)

1. Find a job before you go: This is a good option but it’s also the riskiest in my opinion. Recruiters often bend the truth to get teachers over there and you could end up working for a school that you don’t resonate with. If you go for this option, a reputable recruiter based in Australia is Hello Teacher! – they specialise in teaching jobs in China.

Otherwise, if you prefer to find a job on your own, check out Dave’s ESL Cafe for listings.

2. Find a job in China: This would involve going over to China on a tourist (L) visa and then looking for a job. Tourist visas are valid for either 1 or 3 months and after finding a job you would then need to switch onto a working (Z) visa. You need to research what this entails.

3. Do an internship first and then find a full-time job. Internships provide you with a good introduction to life in China as an English teacher. Doing an internship will allow you to see whether this is actually something you want to do long-term. Internships last for 6 months usually and often lead to a full-time position. For amazing China internships and quality support, check out ImmerQi.

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