Foreigners from different cultural backgrounds are now getting more and more curious about Chinese culture.

On one hand, living in China provides foreigners with the opportunity to have an insight into Chinese people’s daily lives. On the other hand, many of them often feel puzzled about some of the Chinese people’s life habits, which are considered quite unusual back in their own countries.

Cultural differences often stimulate Chinese learners’ interest in finding out more about Chinese culture and traditions. If you have already made some Chinese friends, they will certainly be happy to tell you about what they think is special about Chinese people’s lifestyle.

Keep reading to find out 5 interesting features of daily life in China

1. Drinking Hot Water

In China, when you’ve caught a cold or have a temperature, some of your Chinese friends would recommend that you drink hot water.

The reason behind it is that Chinese people believe drinking hot water is an effective way for you to recover from minor illnesses and keep your stomach functioning efficiently. Therefore, even if you are just feeling tired at work, one of the most common pieces of advice that your Chinese colleagues would give you is to drink a glass of hot water.

Another reason why Chinese people are so fond of hot water is that they think tap water and bottled water contain a lot of harmful bacteria. Thus, Chinese people’s addiction to hot water is driven by the fact that they want to stay healthy and keep themselves away from potential risks.

2. Going to Karaoke Bars (KTV)

Karaoke bars can hardly be seen in most European countries, however, they are extremely popular among Chinese people when they decide to have a get-together.

Nowadays young people in China often face huge pressure at work, and the fact that most of them literally immerse themselves in a fast-paced working environment and have to work overtime on a regular basis is gradually changing their lifestyle.

More and more young people in China now prefer to spend their leisure time in a “passive” way as they often choose to stay home and play on their phones or have a get-together with their friends in a Karaoke bar or a restaurant.

In fact, many Chinese white collars think that having fun in a Karaoke bar is a good way to release negative emotions accumulated at work mainly because they really enjoy the relaxing and carefree atmosphere.

3. Using an Umbrella

What sometimes baffles foreigners is that many Chinese girls use umbrellas even on sunny days. If you ask them what they need an umbrella for on a sunny day, the most common answer you will get is that they don’t want to get tanned.

Believe it or not, Chinese people think that your skin is well protected if it looks white. Moreover, being white is the “symbol” of being beautiful, and that’s why Chinese girls wouldn’t like to expose themselves to the sun.

Apart from using an umbrella, whitening cream (which sounds pretty weird to most European people) is also quite popular among Chinese girls for them to “combat dark skin”. When it comes to skincare products, whitening cream and lotion are what Chinese girls constantly purchase all year round.

4. Depositing Money

Depositing Money has always been something traditional in Chinese culture, and it’s even considered a virtue by the old generation. In China, owning a house is what many young people are dreaming about.

However, housing prices have skyrocketed in the past few years, which makes them think that it’s necessary to deposit money in order to buy a house in the future.

In Chinese parents’ eyes, their children are the most important people in the world. As young people sometimes don’t know how to “lead a thrifty life”, their parents tend to deposit money for them in case they need money in the future.

5. Posting on WeChat Moments

Nowadays Chinese people can’t live without WeChat in that literally everything from paying bills to booking tickets can be done on WeChat.

Apart from enabling people to communicate with their friends, one of the important features of WeChat is WeChat moments, which is designed for people to share daily activities and events in their lives with their friends.

Browsing photos and videos on WeChat moments has become something that most Chinese people do on a daily basis as they are curious about what their friends are doing. In fact, browsing WeChat moments (or posting pictures on it) is considered a good way for a bit of rest and relaxation after work.

It’ll be a good idea to tell your Chinese friends what you think about these habits that Chinese people adhere to. Maybe one day you can also try one of them for yourself just to experience “the Chinese way of life”.

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