So you’ve finally decided to go and teach English abroad? Awesome! You’re probably really excited and possibly a little overwhelmed. After all, there are a lot of decisions to make.

For example, where will you go? What age groups will you teach? And, of course, you’ll need a TEFL certificate. You’ve probably heard about TEFL certification and how it’s required to teach English abroad.

TEFL stands for ‘Teaching English as a Foriegn Language’ and is a required certification for teaching English abroad.

A quick search online will reveal that there are plenty of companies that offer online TEFL courses but choosing one can be difficult. After all, how do you know which is best?

I remember when I was starting out. I did my TEFL course online through a company that were offering an affordable TEFL certification. However, when I began applying for programs in China, I was told my TEFL wasn’t recognised! So I had to re-do my TEFL certification through a different company!

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you, so in this post I am going to talk about how to choose a TEFL course and then give you my personal choice of the best online TEFL certification.

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How to Choose a TEFL Certification Course

When it comes to choosing a TEFL course, there are a few things you should know right away. First off, TEFL courses are not regulated by any one body or organisation and so therefore they can range in quality from superb to lackluster.

In order to assess the quality of the course, it’s important to look at student testimonials and reviews. A great site for this is You can go there, search for the TEFL course you’re looking at and see what students have to say. Also, make sure the course is accredited by a TEFL accrediation authority such as the World TEFL Accrediting Commission.

Secondly, TEFL courses can range in how many hours of learning they provide. Some TEFL courses are only 20 hour courses, while others are 120 and some are even more!

So, how do you know how many hours you need? Well, the industry standard and most widely accepted TEFL courses are 120 hours. Anything less is too little and anything more is unecessary.

Doing a 200 hour TEFL course is great but it’s going to take a much longer time, time you could have used for job hunting or practicing your interview skills.

A good quality 120 hour TEFL course will teach you everything you need to know in order to be a successful and confident English teacher abroad.

If you look at job postings, you’ll notice that nearly all of them require applicants to possess a TEFL course of 100+ hours.

So, to sum up. When looking for a TEFL course, you should:

  • Assess the quality of the course by looking up testimonial/reviews or searching for it on
  • Make sure the course is 120 hours. Less than 100 hours is inadequate and more than 120 is unessecary.

Best Online TEFL Certification Course 

Our team’s choice for the best online TEFL certification for teaching English abroad in 2020 is…

Let’s TEFL’s Ultimate 120 Hour TEFL Course!

Why is this our favourite TEFL certification course?

Quite simply, we love Let’s TEFL’s course because it’s comprehensive (120 hours), it’s extremely affordable, it’s fully online, giving you the ability to complete the course at your own pace, and it’s of a very high standard, as is evidenced by their stunning reviews (see below!).

The Ultimate 120 Hour TEFL Course is recognised all over the world including in Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea), Europe (Italy, Spain etc) and the Middle East (Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Dubai).

Not only does Let’s TEFL’s Ultimate 120 Hour TEFL Course have a 4.7/5 star rating on but it is also rated a whopping 94% on

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Let’s TEFL’s Ultimate 120 Hour TEFL Course covers everything you need to know in order to teach English confidently and competently from sentence structure and tenses to class management.

Further adding to it’s credibility is the fact that the course is fully accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission which means the course content and course tutors have met the stringent requirements set by the WTEFLAC in order to provide students with everything they need to know about teaching English as a foreign language.

This TEFL course is also unique in that it will equip you for classroom teaching as well as online teaching! The course includes videos from an experienced online English tutor, walking you through exactly how to conduct an online class.

Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, online teaching skills are becoming more and more sought after by schools and language centers.

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Let’s TEFL also guarantee a job placement after you complete your TEFL certification. They will assist you in finding  your perfect job in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand or elsewhere.

The course is completed fully online and you can use a computer, tablet or smartphone, which means you’ll be able to study anywhere, at any time.

If you’re interested in the Ultimate 120 Hour TEFL Course, simply click the banner below to be taken to the course page on Let’s TEFL where you can learn more.

Let's TEFL

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