I made a video on our YouTube channel about 2 years ago introducing my top 3 Chinese shows for learning Chinese. Well, I’d like to extend that list today. Keep reading to find out which 4 Chinese shows to watch to rapidly improve your Chinese, or watch the new video below!

Best Chinese TV Shows for Improving Your Mandarin

1. Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden is a remake of a Taiwanese show which is based on a Japanese manga called boys over flowers.

The main character in the show is Dong Shan Cai a young girl who has just been admitted into her dream university. Shan Cai comes from a humble family who are barely making ends meet. She has a strong personality and she doesn’t take any nonsense.

During her first few days at university, she already begins to clash with an elite group called F4. F4 is basically a group of four guys who are the most popular in the institution. They each excel in their different talents and all the girls want to be with them.

Shan Cai specifically clashes with the leader of F4 called Dao Ming Si but things soon begin to turn into a romance between the two as the story develops.

The show is fun and light-hearted with likable characters and good humor. The language used is all conversational and fairly easy to follow. It’s available on Netflix and highly recommended.

2. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder is another Chinese drama featuring a romantic storyline.

The show centers around the female lead Si Tu Mo. She’s a university student studying accounting but wants to work in advertising.

One day she bumps into Gu Wei Yi, who happens to be one of the brightest physics students at the university. At first, he is quite withdrawn and direct, as you would expect a scientist to be but as the two get to know each other, he begins to open up.

Through a funny turn of events, the two end up living together, which creates all kinds of hilarious moments and drama.

What struck me most about this show is how funny it was. I laughed a lot while watching this show and found it easy and enjoyable to watch.

Once again, the language used is all conversational. Occasionally there is some physics talk thrown in but it’s few and far between. The show is available on Netflix.

3. 二分之一强

This show is a little different than the two I previously introduced because it’s not a drama at all. In fact, it’s a talk show.

Er Fen Zhi Yi Qiang is a talk show from Taiwan and I can honestly say I watch it pretty much every day. The show features the two hosts, 2-3 Taiwanese celebs and a panel of foreigners who all discuss certain topics.

The reason I enjoy this show so much is that it’s very light-hearted and extremely funny. They don’t talk about anything too serious or boring. Rather the topics are more along the lines of what kind of girls do guys from different countries like? Or What kind of things surprised foreigners when they first came to Taiwan?

Although talk shows can be very hard to follow, this one isn’t. Listening to foreigners speak Mandarin is much easier to understand and once you get used to the two hosts, they become easy to follow as well.

The best thing about Er Fen Zhi Yi Qiang is that there is over 1300 episodes and they are ALL on youtube! Additionally, they come out with new episodes almost every single day.

This show alone gives you virtually an endless supply of Chinese listening content.

Note, as I said before, this show is from Taiwan so you may find the accent quite strange if you haven’t heard it before. However, I believe it’s good to get exposure to different accents and once you’ve watched a few episodes you’ll get used to it.

Find it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrRJRIIH_ku2rd8Ne6nR4cQ

4. 锵锵三人行

The last show I want to talk about is another talk show. Qiang Qiang San Ren Xing is a talk show from the mainland, which is very different to all the other shows I’ve mentioned.

It’s more of a traditional talk show, where they discuss more serious topics. If you’re at a fairly high level of Chinese, then this show is perfect for you. The language used is more formal than the other shows and it’s packed full of interesting vocabulary.

Once again, you can find most episodes on youtube. What I like to do is download the mp3 from youtube and listen to it like a podcast. This works well because, unlike the other shows, there are no visual aids that are necessary to understand what’s happening.

Find it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbi-ZrTUyuReTqPpqVGJ8pg

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