If you’re looking for great places worldwide to spend your holidays, China should be on top of the list. And before you head off, remember to learn some basic Chinese, as not everyone in China knows English (in fact, most people don’t speak it at all!).

China is a great place not only for tourists but also for digital nomads. There really is something for everyone in China. Go trekking in the Avatar mountains, enjoy the super modern architecture in Shanghai, drink coffee in the center of Beijng or eat spicy hot pot in Sichuan. Here is a list of the best places to visit while in China.

The Great Wall of China

If you have not seen or climbed the Great Wall of China, then you haven’t been to China. The Great Wall of China is a symbolical monument recognized worldwide. It is the longest wall around the globe and has a long history to tell.

The China Wall snakes through hills, mountains, and valleys, and offers stunning sceneries for visitors and tourists to enjoy.

The Great Wall of China is excellent for hiking.  It is also a good place to take stunning photos. So if you’re going to visit China anytime soon, make sure to climb the great wall.


Macau is a great place for those who love gambling. The area has flashy casinos located in hotels and resorts. Macau has been named the ‘Las Vegas of the East’ due to the gambling activities in the region. Even if you’re not a gambler, once you step into Macau, you’ll be tempted to try it out. Some famous casinos in Macau are:

  • Venetian Macau
  • City of dreams
  • Sands Macau
  • Wynn palace

Apart from the luxurious casinos, Macau is also a historical center. It has the oldest Christian cemetery, the first western-style theatre, ruins of the oldest church in China, and many more.

Spend some time in interesting museums in Macau, including the maritime museum, the Grand Prix Museum, and many others. Explore ancient firefighting tools, including old fire helmets, engines, uniforms, and many more, at the fire services museum in Macau.

The Forbidden City

During ancient times, ordinary people were not allowed to enter the Forbidden City. But today, it is a great tourist attraction center and an important place to visit while in China. The China palace is among the most recognized palaces worldwide.

Here, you have a chance to see how the Emperor’s throne looked like back then. The Forbidden City is sometimes called the imperial palace, and it’s located in Beijing. Nearby are Tiananmen Square, the old and new summer palaces, and the National Museum of China. 

The Historic West Lake

Enjoy the waters at the historic west lake in Hangzhou. Numerous pagodas, temples, and hills surround this China Lake. Some of the activities to do in and around the west lake include:

  • Biking for leisure around the lake
  • Cruise on the lake
  • Walking around the lake

All these activities and many more enable visitors to admire and experience the beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou.

China Hong Kong

When you fly to China, you’ll most likely land in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong international airport connects major countries and cities, including New York and London. This China city, popularly known as the shoppers’ paradise, is a place to experience Chinese customs and western life.

The city has diverse cultures that make it convenient for all its visitors. It is an excellent place to spend your China quarantine as a foreigner. You also get to enjoy mouth-watering dishes from all over the world.

One of the most popular entertainments in China is the floating casinos in Hong Kong. The floating casinos are slowly taking away gamblers in Macau, a place previously known for gambling activities. Since Macau is the largest gambling hub in China, things are very expensive.

This leaves gamblers with no option than to go for the floating casinos in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is also great for sightseeing, with magnificent harbor views and skylines. Enjoy spectacular views from the Victoria peaks. The distinctive parks, nature reserves, and great museums make Hong Kong excellent for family tours. Sports fans can enjoy world-class events such as the Hong Kong rugby 7s. It’s a great way to enjoy China holidays.


Visit Sichuan to see the giant Buddha, the god of Buddhists. The Leshan Giant Buddha is a colossal Buddha sculpture in China. Sichuan is ranked for historical and cultural significance. In addition, it hosts the Chengdu Panda research base, where you get to see both the giant and the red panda. 

Don’t leave Sichuan without visiting Mount Emei, the first place that ushered Buddhism in China. Finish your visit to Sichuan at the Wenshu Monastery. Here, you’ll see and possibly learn how to worship and burn incense. 


China has a lot to offer to tourists and visitors. If you’re visiting the country for the first time, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful sceneries and attractions available. If you know of other great places to visit in China, feel free to share with us. If you have questions about the places mentioned above, don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.

Author’s bio:

Jeremy Ambrose began traveling several years ago and travels to explore new corners of the world every year. He has faced many of the difficulties of traveling and now wants to share his experience and knowledge with his readers. Also, Jeremy is a developer of a huge amount of android games for kids such as bejeweled 2 and others .

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